Since graduating from college, Lyle Grant has been wasting away at his childhood home in Beverly Hills. Spoiled and aimless, he spends his time getting high, prowling for girls in his Porsche, and self-sabotaging his future.

When his mother kicks him out and cuts him off, Lyle is at first happy to wallow in bitterness and despair. But after hitting rock bottom, lost and alone, he seeks refuge in a problem beyond his own self-pity: Seth, his cousin, a newcomer to Los Angeles, is missing.

Following a trail of clues from the coffee shops of Silver Lake to the depths of Downtown LA, Lyle searches for his cousin as he learns to take care of himself. Though angst and cynicism threaten to sink his journey into dreamless darkness, Lyle pushes forward with the help of unlikely companions, a deeper understanding of his home city, and revised attitudes about love, family, and friendship.

With complex characters, surprising turns, swift scenes, and vivid details, DreamLAnd is an edgy but humorous story about post-adolescence in contemporary America.

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